Electrocoat products by Arsonsisi

Through its E-coat line, Arsonsisi Group is a leader in the electroplating technology business and provides industrial customers with a wide, versatile range of solutions aimed at improving the technical and economic performance of each specific product or item.


Electrocoating has made it possible to coat complex objects to the minutest detail through industrial processes by applying an electrical potential difference.
But the engineering of coated products has gone even further with the anodic (ATL) and cathodic (KTL) e-coating technologies developed by Arsonsisi Group. Customers obtain more tangible benefits in terms of stability, gloss, corrosion resistance, protection, application, duration, recoating, aesthetic result, as well as sustainable development.


Arsonsisi Technological Coatings offers whole systems of cutting-edge products to the industries concerned. The ARSONKOTEĀ® range includes products for both CED (cathode) and AED (anode) electrodeposition processes, for use as high penetration primers or topcoats, and with specific coatings for the heating and large domestic appliance industries.