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xylexpo 2018

On 10th May Arsonsisi will attend the meeting entitled “Coating materials: the new horizons of sustainability”, organized at the Xylexpo Arena by the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering “Giulio Natta” of the Politecnico of Milan and by Catas, supported by Poliefun.

xylexpo_2018On the occasion of Xylexpo 2018, the biennial world exhibition of technologies for the wood and furniture industry, to be held at FieraMilano-Rho from Tuesday 8 to Saturday 12 May, 2018, at the Xylexpo Arena four in-depth analysis meetings will consider various aspects of the furniture production process.

A series of conferences of great interest that will see the presence of about fifteen well known representing enterprises and multinational companies, including Arsonsisi that on 10th May will attend the conference about “Coating materials: the new horizons of sustainability“.

Coatings have always been one of the most important areas of debates on the sustainability of the production and use of such products. Many steps forward and many others have been made, thanks to the continuous evolution of products and processes stimulated by research.

cristoforo brendas xylexpo arenaCristoforo Brendas, Powder Coatings Business Manager in Italy at Arsonsisi, will discuss about “Powder coatings for heat-sensitive substrates”.

The round of meetings is based on the collaboration between the Giulio Natta” Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering of Politecnico di Milano and Catas, Europe’s leading laboratory for tests, research and education in the wood-furniture industry, and is sponsored by Poliefun, an association created at Politecnico di Milano to gather surface finishing companies and universities, promoting the development of enterprise culture, research and innovation.

The meetings will be held from Tuesday 8 to Friday 11, from 2.30 pm to 4 pm at the Xylexpo Arena in Hall 4, Stand C31/D32.

For additional information on the program, please visit:

arsonsisi at PaintExpo 2018

A new success for PaintExpo, which closed once again with record breaking results.

And it’s no wonder, because with its comprehensive overview of the industrial coating technologies market, PaintExpo is meanwhile the number one information and procurement platform for users from all over the world.

The 7th PaintExpo edition was bigger than ever. With an increased exhibition floor space offering an additional hall, 537 companies coming from 29 countries and 11,790 visitors from 88 countries, the Fair observed an increase of 12%.

After Germany, the most well-represented visitor countries were Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Turkey.

Arsonsisi was also very satisfied with this edition and welcomed a great number of visitors to its stand, where its complete range of industrial coatings was displayed.

radiatori vintage corten

Tonon Forty launches the new line of “Colors Vintage” design radiators coated with Arsonsisi powder coatings, carefully selected with finishes specially dedicated to the vintage sector.

Arsonsisi and Tonon Forty have been cooperating for many years to always get top results and guarantee the high quality of their products in the name of the excellence of the Made in Italy.

The new range Colors Vintage is born of this historic partnership, a reinterpretation of the Colors lamellar radiator, Tonon Forty’s spearhead since 1967, with finishes inspired by simple materials such as copper, aluminium, stone and soil, to create evocative environments.

The search for the right colour and effect combination was fundamental to characterize the design of the Colors Vintage line, which finds its maximum expression in the Vintage Corten finish, where the colour lets you see all the elements in all its shades.

The Copper, Aluminium and Stone finishes are made by painting with coloured epoxy-polyester powders, while the Vintage Land and Vintage Corten finishes are obtained with a particular process on the untreated radiator, followed by the application of clear industrial polyesters.

Our design department has worked closely with Arsonsisi sales department.

Comments Arianna Giuseppin, Marketing Manager in Tonon Forty.

Arsonsisi professionalism and technical assistance helped us a lot in the implementation of this project and have been crucial to the success of the Vintage range.

arsonsisi is colore sicuroBut “beyond colour there is also value“, citing Assovernici’s Colore Sicuro.

Arsonsisi has adhered to Colore Sicuro with the commitment of supporting certain values inspired by the respect for the recipients of its paints, the Company and the environment.

The uniqueness of these two historical Italian companies lies specifically in their values.

The cooperation with Arsonsisi confirms once again Tonon Forty‘s attention to quality, safety and the environment through the choice of eco-friendly technologies and the safeguarding of employees, contractors and clients’ health and all with a fully transparent approach.

Values fully shared by Arsonsisi.

vintage eppe aluminium radiators
Tonon Forty radiators from the Vintage Colors range, Vintage Eppe Aluminium finish, obtained with a black epoxy-polyester powder coating.
vintage land radiators
Tonon Forty radiators from the Vintage Colors range, Vintage Land finish, obtained with a matt clear industrial polyester powder coating.
vintage corten radiators
Tonon Forty radiators from the Vintage Colors range, Vintage Corten finish, obtained with a clear industrial polyester powder coating.
vintage stone radiators
Tonon Forty radiators from the Vintage Colors range, Vintage Stone finish, obtained with a grey epoxy-polyester powder coating.
vintage copper radiators
Tonon Forty radiators from the Vintage Colors range, Vintage Eppe Copper finish, obtained with a copper epoxy-polyester powder coating.


Dowload the Vintage Colors catalogue!

tonon forty vintage radiatori catalogue

arsonsisi at PaintExpo 2018

Arsonsisi will attend PaintExpo 2018, the Leading International Trade Fair for Industrial Coating Technology from 17 through 20 April 2018 in Karlsruhe (Germany).

PaintExpo 2016 received top scores 10,522 visitors coming from 74 countries and 501 exhibitors.

Growth of the world’s leading trade fair for liquid painting, powder and coil coating technology is making itself apparent even in its 7th edition, that is expected to be the biggest and most international PaintExpo so far.

More than 520 companies in these fields from 29 countries will occupy 15,000 square meters in 3 exhibition halls.

Arsonsisi will present its latest developments from the entire range of liquid paints, powder coatings, liquid and electrocoating paints at the Stand n. 1149 – Hall 1, Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre.

Click on the banner and download your free ticket to attend the fair!

arsonsisi at paintexpo 2018

team vernici in polvere Arsonsisi

Arsonsisi salesforce for the Italian powder coating market met to discuss the development plan and the strategies to implement to exploit every opportunity on the territory.

2017 was a year of growth for the Italian powder coating market. Arsonsisi recorded an important increase in volume of 20% and the forecast for 2018 is an even greater one.

Dr. James Junghanns, Arsonsisi Business Unit Manager, congratulated the participants for the results obtained in 2017 thanks to the quality of the products and services offered.

Behind all this, there are always people that make the difference with their experience and professionalism.

We are a unified team aimed at reaching our goals. We have a specialized laboratory capable of offering solutions and products for all types of markets.
We adopt an approach that involves our customers that become real partners with which to share a path. These are only some of our strong points. – Cristoforo Brendas, Business Manager for powder coatings – Italy, explained.

cristoforo brendas
Cristoforo Brendas, Business Manager for powder coatings – Italy.

The regions of northern Italy are constantly those where Arsonsisi has a greater presence, followed by Emilia Romagna; while in the rest of Italy, in particular in the South, the widening of the commercial network is continuing.

New forces are entering the field in 2018. New agents, sales managers and technical service staff will reinforce the powder coating team in order to achieve the ambitious goals set, despite the announcement of the inevitable price increase determined by the rising costs of raw materials.

colore sicuro
Dr. Carlo Junghanns, Arsonsisi and Assovernici Chairman.

During the meeting dr. Carlo Junghanns, Arsonsisi Chairman as well as Assovernici (Italian Association of Paint Producers) President, spoke of Colore Sicuro (Safe Colour), the Association’s new project that promotes the excellence of the participating companies.

Arsonsisi adhered to Safe Colour with the commitment to share and support certain values inspired by the respect of the recipients of its paints, society and the environment.

The meeting concluded with the preview of the new Arsonsisi e-commerce portal, developed to improve the user experience and speed up the acquisition and management of orders, presented with new graphics.

Ours is an evolving market and we have always been forerunners and promoters of innovations, strategies, solutions and services tailored to each company. We are convinced we are up to date with the requests of the current market, our new objective today is to lead customers to fully exploit the potential offered by the web that will allow us to keep pace with the future. – Stated Cristoforo Brendas.

presentazione nuovo ecommerce arsonsisi
Bruno Cordioli from Overweb, Cristoforo Brendas and Luca Troiani from Arsonsisi.
pipeline coating 2018

From 13 to 15 February 2018 Arsonsisi will attend the International Pipeline Coating conference in Vienna, AMI’s (Applied Market Information Ltd) annual appointment, this year on its 10th consecutive edition.

pipeline coating 2018
The two-day programme will analyse the latest technical developments and market trends in the pipeline protection sector and its supply chain.

The conference topics will cover application innovations, solutions to industry specific issues, case studies, testing, and quality assurance procedures.

Thanks to their high anticorrosive and quality performance, Arsonsisi’s BASEPOX® epoxy powder coatings are used in severe conditions worldwide.

Arsonsisi staff will be pleased to supply you with more information and to meet you at Pipeline Coating 2018, at the Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen from 13 to 15 February 2018.

100 anni arsonsisi

The company is rather like a family, and every family comes together to celebrate special occasions and birthdays, especially when they are important ones.

Arsonsisi celebrates 100 yearsBearing this in mind, on 16th December, the employees of the Arsonsisi offices in Lainate, Berlingo, Padua, Verbania and Udine gathered together to celebrate an important anniversary: the 100th anniversary of Arsonsisi.

During the welcome speech at the company lunch, Dr. James Junghanns, Arsonsisi Business Unit Manager, invited guests to imagine how the world might have been a century ago and how it has changed over the years, encouraging them to reflect on the meaning of 100 years in business.

They were taken on a journey back to the past, accompanied by some of Arsonsisi’s historical documents on display for the occasion, which reveal a sometimes glorious past, from the production of wall paints for the La Scala theatre in Milan in 1933 to the production of coatings for aircraft, as the official supplier of the Regia Aeronautica (the Italian Military Air Force) during the Second World War.

The occasion was also an opportunity to look ahead to the future, which looks brighter and will bring the results of the hard work done in recent years.

arsonsisiDr. James Junghanns concluded his speech by thanking all employees for their contribution to making the company what it has become today: a dynamic and much envied company, despite its 100 years in business.

Arsonsisi’s anniversary was made even more special due to the special date, which is officially on 24 December.

The company lunch, in addition to celebrating 100 years in business with a cake and candles, was an opportunity for those attending to exchange Christmas greetings and make a toast together to the New Year.

colore sicuro_assovernici

In the fragmented coatings industry, Assovernici’s “Colore Sicuro” project has been created to promote the excellent member manufacturers, who share and support mutual values inspired by respect for their customers, for their products, society and the environment.

Assovernici is the official competent association for Italian manufacturers of coatings. Its members include major brands in the industry

As one of its aims, the association promotes the use of high-quality coatings by consumers in order to encourage excellence in a particularly crowded and fragmented market

Coatings are products that can be found everywhere, yet consumers have little knowledge of their characteristics, quality, properties and performance.

Assovernici believes that users are entitled to obtain clear and objective information about the products they buy.

colore sicuroIn promoting this aim, members of Assovernici decided to share a mutual path, inspired but the association’s Code of Ethics.

They created a comprehensive classification of the characteristics of coatings in full compliance with national and international regulations governing the industry, assuring consumers that the products supplied by its members offer specific and reliable performance.

Hence, today, the “Colore Sicuro” project has been created for consumers who, when choosing a coating, can rely on its quality that is represented by the “Colore Sicuro” symbol”.

The “Charter of Values”

The fundamental principle of the “Colore Sicuro” project is represented by the “Charter of Values” which describes the commitments undertaken by the member companies.

HEALTH AND SAFETY – Acting responsibly to protect the health and safety of workers at production sites, of users and their customers.

ENVIRONMENT – Favouring the cleanest technologies and eco-sustainable products with a special focus on energy saving.

TRANSPARENCY – Easy access to all information on the member companies, their products and services.

SOCIETY – Contributing to technological progress by operating as players involved in a social, economic and cultural context.

INFORMATION – Spreading knowledge of products by helping consumers to choose the most suitable products for their needs, using clear and authentic communication.

“Colore Sicuro” for who?

FOR PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS who, independently or with the assistance of a professional, can finally live in the home that they have always wanted: a healthy, comfortable and attractive one.

FOR PAINTERS AND DECORATORS who will be able to offer the right solution for any type of requirement and any special demand, with reliable results and customer satisfaction, thus seeing their professionalism valued.

FOR DESIGNERS who will be able to choose the best products to use, with no limits to their technical or aesthetic creativity.

FOR DISTRIBUTORS who, having new and more effective selling points, will be able to flawlessly solve any and anyone’s type of problem, standing apart from any competition, building customer loyalty and offering new incentives for turnover.

carta dei valori colore sicuro

Arsonsisi has joined Assovernici’s “Colore Sicuro” project with its complete range of industrial coatings.

arsonsisi insignita speciale riconoscimento UIVCO

Arsonsisi has received an award for technological innovation and a certificate of loyalty to the VCO Industrial Union.

On Tuesday 10 October, the Public Assembly of the Verbano Cusio Ossola Industrial Union was held at the II Maggiore events centre in Verbania, with the participation of the President of Confindustria (Italian General Industry Federation), Vincenzo Boccia.

The main theme of the meeting focused on the current changes taking place on a global scale with regard to technological innovation, with a precise overview of the production industries of the Verbano-Cusio-Ossola province and the presentation of the EVO-VCO project, a new model of innovative development to support companies in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola in the context of Industry 4.0.

After the technical matters, several companies who are members of the VCO Industrial Union, including Arsonsisi, received a special award for having excelled in the local area in terms of technology and innovation.