UV coatings

UV curing coatings by Arsonsisi

Arsonsisi develops and produces UV coatings, under the trademark “UVcolor”, that satisfy the most stringent specifications in the industrial coatings market thanks to the ongoing research and development of innovative technical solutions, including cooperation with various firms that lead the state of the art in producing row materials and coatings application plants. Arsonsisi UV products are used to coat plastic and metal materials as well as special supports such as glass and ceramics and are widely used in coating packaging in the cosmetic, body care and perfumery sectors.


UV coatings are more environmentally-friendly than solvent-based traditional thermal ones.
Generally they are formulated with a higher proportion of dry residues and on most plant setups suffer from greatly diminished overspray. Arsonsisi produces also 100% dry residue UV (no OVS = Organic Volatile Solvents) and waterborne coatings, therefore very eco-friendly because devoid of solvents or acrylic monomers.

Arsonsisi has recently developed a new type of innovative UV coatings that harden with LED lamps, in response to the industrial coating market need for high productivity, cost reduction and environmental sustainability. Compared to traditional Hg UV lamps, UV LED lamps do not emit ozone; they are free of mercury or other dangerous substances; they have no emission of UV-B and UV-C rays; they have low heat emission and have an adjustable power of 0-100%; they crosslink paints instantly; they live about 10 times longer.

Apart from liquid coatings, Arsonsisi has the technology and know-how to develop UV curing powder coatings.


UV coatings are the best solution to cut down on production times and obtain a very high quality level with advantages also from a financial point of view. Arsonsisi offers UV liquid coatings, 100% dry residue, water- or solvent-based, suitable for various types of applications among which high vacuum metallization, Sputtering or PVD, and hybrid “Dual Cure” coatings with mixed heat – UV vulcanization for complex 3D shapes of the objects. Arsonsisi has developed a wide range of glossy and matt finishes that can be applied by roller, spray, film and flow coating.

UV LED curing coatings are 100% dry residue, they do not contain VOC (no water or solvent) and the reticulation by UV LED lamps allows to obtain a significant energy saving.