2017arsonsisi 100 yearsArsonsisi celebrates 100 years of activity.
2015Business acquisition of Tecnocolor Industria Vernici e Smalti Srl (special liquid coatings).
Exclusive license granted from Beckers Industrial Coatings Italia for their know-how in the field of industrial coatings for LPG tanks and cylinders, drums and pipes.
2012Arsonsisi became Arsonsisi Technological Coatings.
Offices in European countries and Russia.
2009Acquisition of Elcrom Srl (anti-corrosion
and colour mixing systems) and Sebino Industria e Vernici Spa (special coatings) by Junionfin.
Acquisition of BASF powder coatings.
1995ISO 9001 certification.
1987Arsonsisi joined the holding Junionfin.
1972Among the first companies to introduce powder coatings to the Italian market.
1917Establishment of the company.
In the following years it became one of the most important manufacturers of industrial coatings in Italy.

Arsonsisi Technological Coatings

Industrial coatings, all colours for all sectors.

Arsonsisi Technological Coatings was founded in Italy, it grew in Europe, and now operates in the global market for powder and liquid coatings.

Its mission is to provide the industry with global solutions covering the entire painting process of any product, in addition to providing unique aesthetic and chromatic qualities, as well as the highest performance.

Behind all this is a great deal of research, the use of the most advanced technologies in the industrial coatings, the combined efforts of people with complementary expertise and innovative ideas – as well as ambition, flexibility and dedication to customer service.

Among the first companies to introduce powder coatings to the Italian market, Arsonsisi has grown to its present size through a series of strategic acquisitions of established brands, which allowed it to become a leader in anti-corrosion and specialty coatings.

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