Liquid coatings

Liquid coatings by Arsonsisi

Due to their enormous potential as well as their technically tested and proven customisability, Arsonsisi liquid paints are increasingly meeting the needs of highly specialised sectors, from automotive to lighting technology, which require products with special features and finishes.


The range of liquid coatings consists of high quality water and solvent based coatings and special coatings aimed at modern applications such as UV-ray curing coatings, base and top coatings for high vacuum metallisation, PVD and Sputtering processes. All these solutions are designed to offer the highest level of quality and respect for the environment to the relevant industries.

The philosophy of sustainability is increasingly affecting the choice of technologies. This is why, on the one hand, water-soluble coatings have emerged as market standards and, on the other, solvent-based formulations and special coatings have been relieved of their volatile substances while ensuring high yield and excellent performance.

Specialty coatings

The range of Arsonsisi special coatings includes UV curing coatings; coatings for high vacuum metallization and the PVD/Sputtering process; post-galvanic protective coatings; peelable paints; painting products for plastic and metal eyewear; special adhesives for metal staples and nails; base and protection coats for Cubic and Dip Print systems.


Arsonsisi offers water-soluble and solvent-based liquid coatings and special formulations to meet customers’ requests fully, paying particular attention to the customisation of the solutions offered also for the most sophisticated sectors.

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