The Automotive Coatings market has reached a very high level in terms of quality, as well as durability and appearance.

Automotive specialists see vehicles as the final, perfect assembly of bodywork, wheels, components, seats, plastic, headlights, wipers, accessories, gas tanks, springs, brakes, engine.

Arsonsisi is certified IATF 16949:2016 for the development and production of Automotive coatings where compliance implies adhering to rigorous processes set by the quality management system.

Arsonsisi Technological Coatings also works for this industry by manufacturing coatings and treatments for all the visible and invisible parts of cars and work vehicles, with special attention to every material, every stage of manufacture and practical use, aiming to obtain a reliable result, a unique colour, which expresses the value of the product.

Arsonsisi supplies the most important OEM and aftermarket producers of alloy wheels both in Italy and abroad. It also supplies the most important producers of braking systems, either directly or through third-parties.

Refer to the Automotive coatings matrix to quickly identify, for each case, the most powerful product in all respects and with regard to all relevant criteria.

E coatsLiquid coatingsPowder coatings
KTLBase CoatPrimerTop coatPrimerTop coat
Iron wheels
Motorcycles and scooters
Car and motorcycle alloy wheels
Other components
Automotive gas tanks
Braking systems
Plastic components
Brakes and callipers
Automotive bodycar