architectural coatings

Structures give strength and design, architectural coatings give substance, durability and identity.

Arsonsisi also works for the construction industry, providing designers, developers and builders with a wide range of protective and architectural coatings especially designed for iron, aluminium and hot-dip galvanised structures. These include primers, one-coat or top-coat paints – found in Arsonsisi lines of powder, e-coats and liquid coatings – approved for buildings and divided by intended use and function.

From the framework of a large building to the knob of a staircase, the architectural coatings offered by Arsonsisi Technological Coatings for the construction industry – including exteriors and interiors of buildings, whether public or private, civil or industrial – ensure excellent versatility and high performance in terms of chemical, physical and aesthetic properties, which are reflected in economies of scale and the long-lasting value of constructions.