Annual meeting of the Arsonsisi sales force

At the recent meeting of the sales force, Arsonsisi proved to be a complete and successful team for the industrial coatings market.

Visit to the Arsonsisi's liquid factoryThis year, the meeting was held in Franciacorta on 19th and 20th April.

The first stop was at the factory in Berlingo (BS), where Arsonsisi produces solvent-based and water-based liquid coatings for painting metal and plastic materials for use in various highly specialised industrial sectors.

The visit to the site was imperative after the extensions carried out in 2016 following significant strategic investments made in 2015, which led to a notable increase in sales and enhanced the range of products: coatings for drums, pipes, cylinders and LPG tanks, thanks to an exclusive concession from Beckers Industrial Coatings; high-quality specialty liquid coatings produced using innovative technologies, after taking over Tecnocolor.

The day ended with a visit to the Fratus La Riccafana winery and a convivial dinner.

Visit to the Fratus La Riccafana wineryIt was an occasion for a gathering that enlivened and strengthened the team spirit.

On the following day, in his welcome address at the operational meeting, Dr. James Junghanns, Arsonsisi Business Unit Manager, emphasised the importance of improving the synergy between the various departments in order to seize the opportunities offered by the market and meet customer expectations.

This was followed by various addresses regarding the business areas of powder and liquid coatings: the results for 2016 and for the first quarter of 2017; strategies and goals; successful case histories; new products; improvements in terms of quality and efficiency, safety at work and respect for the environment; references to the economic situation of Italy and Arsonsisi’s credit.

In 2016, the stumbling block was the increase in raw materials, which led to an unavoidable rise in the prices of coatings.

And it is precisely on prices that a company can be challenged at any time. However, Ivan Fornari, Arsonsisi Technological Coatings Sales Director, wanted to point out that Arsonsisi should be perceived as a company that not only brings innovation but also knows how to stand out from its competitors.

We are the only company in Italy to offer a complete package of industrial coatings, providing quality, service and assistance just like a multinational group. Our set-up allows us to meet customer demands thanks to our specialised technical assistance service, broad sales network, research and development laboratory, and production units that guarantee in-line production – remarked Ivan Fornari.

To facilitate the sales force, a new development plan was presented involving the use of tools to increase the sale of products to certain customers where Arsonsisi is not yet present in sectors within its sphere of competence.

Cristoforo Brendas, Powder Coatings Sales Manager – Italy, sees an increase in sales as one of the company’s goals over the coming years and emphasises the need to regain lost customers and strengthen the loyalty of existing ones. In this respect, the company presented the results of its prize programme, based on the number of customers invoiced in 2016, and introduced an innovative feature, a sales prize for agents.

Dr. C. Junghanns

In the afternoon, President Dr. Carlo Junghanns pointed out how industry is affected by the constant changes imposed by the developing market, as well as the importance of having all products available. He ended his address by promoting teamwork.

Arsonsisi has all the technologies required to offer itself as a strategic partner to customers.

We are a group comprising many business units that have been created by people with different skills. We can only achieve success by working together as a real team!