Arsonsisi and Bialetti colour the coffee break

For 15 years, Arsonsisi’s powder coatings have been adding a touch of colour to some of the most successful lines of Bialetti coffeemakers.

When talking about Moka coffeemakers, you inevitably think of the aroma, colour and taste of a good coffee made in a Bialetti coffeemaker, whether it is the traditional Moka Express or one of the many others produced over the years.

Bialetti Industrie

In 1933, Alfonso Bialetti invented the Moka, the aluminium coffeemaker that revolutionised the way coffee is made. Up to now, more than 300 million Moka coffeemakers have been sold, almost unchanged in their octagonal shape.

But the Moka Express is not the only product created by the Bialetti brand. Every year, millions of “L’omino coi baffi” (the little man with a moustache) coffeemakers are sold in various versions and colours.

Arsonsisi visits the Bialetti headquarter
Bialetti, Coccaglio (Bs). From left: Cristoforo Brendas (Arsonsisi), Marco Vanoli (Bialetti), Patricia Malavolti (La Rivista del Colore).

The partnership between Arsonsisi and Bialetti began in 2004, with the launching of the Mukka Express, the cream and black stovetop coffeemaker resembling the spotted hide of a cow, the only one that allows you to make a creamy espresso cappuccino.

Later, Arsonsisi developed epoxy-polyesters and polyesters for various coffeemaker lines, including the most well-known: matt colours for the Fiammetta (2011-2013), green for the Break Alpina (2012-2019); pink for the Moka Express in the special edition for the Giro d’Italia cycling race (2012-2013); various colours for the Dama “Glamour” version (2012-2016) and golden yellow for the Christmas collection (2016-2018), of which more than 30,000 coffeemakers were sold.

The Rose Gold Christmas collection 2019
The new Rose Gold for the Bialetti Christmas collection 2019.

After the success of the latter range, the latest project by Bialetti is the new Christmas collection in a Rose Gold colour, which sees the Mokina, the Moka Express (1, 3 and 6 cups) and the Fiammetta acquire a transparent rose gold colour, an epoxy-polyester coating developed by Arsonsisi.

«We wanted something new, elegant and refined to fully enhance the Moka Express icon. By researching and examining aesthetic and stylistic trends, our Style department has proposed a new collection featuring the Shining Rose Gold colour. This warm, delicate and precious colour makes our coffeemaker the real queen of coffee».

– Explained Marco Vanoli, Product Manager of Bialetti –

«It was not easy, since it took several samples before we found the right balance between the colour and the transparent effect on the coffeemaker after applying the coating. We achieved the desired result thanks to the Arsonsisi laboratory».

Once the colour has been chosen, Bialetti carries out two different adhesion tests, in its laboratory, on the paint samples: the physical resistance of the coating and stain resistance. These tests are very aggressive yet crucial for selecting the coating.

We are highly satisfied that our coating has been chosen for the top colour of the next Christmas collection and we are particularly happy to continue collaborating with Bialetti Industrie, since we have rediscovered that passion for Italian excellence, research into innovation and constant attention to quality also shared by Arsonsisi.
Commenta Cristoforo Brendas, Sales Manager Powder Coatings Italy of Arsonsisi.