Arsonsisi at the P&E Milano Coating Days

On 7 and 8 July Arsonsisi participated in the P&E Milano Coating Days, the appointment of the industrial coating and surface treatments sector in the exclusive location of the “Leonardo da Vinci” National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

The event, organized by La Rivista del Colore was a complete overview of all technological innovations in surface treatments, mainly focused on products and systems for industrial coating and powder coatings.

The event included a series of  technical meetings on 4 macro topics: Coating 4.0, Surfaces & Sustainability, Color Network, Innovation & Technology, with the major experts in the surface treatment sectors.

Arsonsisi took part in three seminars of the P&E Talks:

7 July: Coating 4.0 – Data and automation.

Loris Scalco, R&D Process at Special Springs, presented “The strength of color in industry 4.0”.

Giovanni Congiu, Key Account Manager E-COAT & Industrial liquid coatings at Arsonsisi intervened to talk about paint for electrocoating.

Loris Scalco - Special Springs
Loris Scalco – Special Springs.
Giovanni Congiu – Arsonsisi.

8 July: Surfaces & Sustainability – Special effect surfaces.

Francesco Vicentini, Painting Manager at Novellini, talked about “PECVD on aluminum extrusions: the perfect symbiosis between technical and decorative deposit”, while Desiree Veronese, R&D Lab Technician at Arsonsisi, focused on the technical aspects of UV coatings and UV lamps.

Francesco Vicentini – Novellini.
Desiree Veronese - Arsonsisi
Desiree Veronese – Arsonsisi.

8 July: Innovation & Technology – Increase performance.

Fabio Abello, Operation Manager at Ferro Bulloni, addressed the issue of “Process and plant engineering strategies from an Industry 4.0 perspective to increase efficiency and performance.

Cristoforo Brendas, Powder Coatings Business Manager at Arsonsisi, explained the advantages of the powder-on-powder cycle.

Cristoforo Brendas - Ferro Bulloni
Cristoforo Brendas shows some pieces of Ferro Bulloni’s railing painted with powder on powder cycle.

During the gala dinner, the representatives of a selection of companies, which have distinguished themselves for the use of the most advanced technologies available, received the Top 10 Award.

Top 10 Award Special Springs
Top 10 Award for Special Springs.
Top ten Award Special Springs
Top 10 Award for Special Springs.
Top 10 Award for Novellini.
Top 10 Award Novellini
Top 10 Award for Novellini.

Arsonsisi was very excited to participate in this event, the first in the industry after the pandemic!

We were among the protagonists of this event, and we participated with a lot of passion and our personnel expertise. I’d like to thank all the collaborators who contributed to this success!

Cristoforo Brendas, Powder Coatings Business Manager in Arsonsisi, stated.


In the weeks preceding the event, La Rivista del Colore carried out video interviews at the Arsonsisi powder coatings and liquid coatings production plants in Verbania and Berlingo.

Watch the video interviews on Arsonsisi Youtube channel!