Arsonsisi is 100 years old (1917-2017)

This year, Arsonsisi celebrates an important milestone: 100 years in business.
From wall paints, lacquers, colours, putties, plasters, specialty coatings for aircraft to coatings for today industries; over the years, Arsonsisi has transformed and expanded in Europe thanks to its gradual important takeovers of excellent brands with long-standing success.

Established in 1917, Arsonsisi can boast an eventful history.

It also has an unusual name, which comes from the anagram of the founder’s surname, Engineer Norsa, who named his company ARSON.

In 1929, this name saw the addition of that of a brand of coatings produced for the US market, S.I.S.I. Società Italiana Smalti Istantanei, which gave rise to the full name ARSON-SISI.

In the years that followed, the company excelled in producing wall paints and coatings for civil and military aircraft.

1937 - Arsonsisi stand featuring specialty coatings for civil and military aviation.
1937 – ARSON-SISI stand featuring specialty coatings for civil and military aviation.

This may have contributed to the fact that the company was expropriated during WWII and became a supplier, to the Italian Air Force, of coatings for military aircraft.

Throughout the war, the original production plant in Lorenteggio burned down during bombing and production was moved to Mariano Comense.

Old tin of coating bearing the MASCIADRI-ARSON SISI brand
After the war, the production plant was returned to the Norsa family, which transferred the company to its cousins, the Masciadri. The company, now called “Cugini Masciadri” moved to Milan.

The name was changed, yet again, to Masciadri Arsonsisi SpA in 1959.

In 1972, Arsonsisi was one of the first companies in Italy to produce powder coatings, embracing the potential of a technology with low environmental impact.

1990 - arsonmix powder coatings advertising poster
1990 – Arsonsisi SpA. “arsonmix” powder coatings advertising poster.

In 1987, it joined the holding company Junionfin. The takeover was concluded in 1990, when all shares were acquired and the company changed its name to Arsonsisi SpA.

In 1995, Arsonsisi obtained ISO 9001 certification, subsequently consolidated by obtaining selective ISO/TS 16949 certification in the Automotive sector for the development and production of powder coatings (in 2009) and liquid coatings (in 2015).

The parent company Junionfin concluded a series of important takeovers in 2009, allowing Arsonsisi to extend its offer: the powder coating segment of BASF Coatings; Sebino Industria Vernici SpA (specialty liquid coatings) and Elcrom Srl, specialised in anti-corrosion protective coatings and specialty coatings.
sebino industria e vernici

In 2012, Arsonsisi opened branches in Europe and Russia, changing its name to Arsonsisi Technological Coatings.

With the takeover in 2015 of the business of Tecnocolor Industria Vernici e Smalti Srl, specialised in specialty liquid coatings, the company broadened its product range, allowing Arsonsisi to cover all market segments of industrial coatings.

In the same year, Arsonsisi implemented its growth strategy in the General Industry sector as a result of agreements with Beckers Industrial Coatings, which granted Arsonsisi an exclusive licence to produce and sell liquid coatings for drums, pipes, LPG tanks and cylinders.

Today, Arsonsisi operates in the global market of powder, liquid and electro-deposition industrial coatings, and is a leading company in Italy in the field of Specialty Coatings and anti-corrosion protective coatings.

With two production plants in Italy, one in Turkey and subsidiaries or logistics offices in Spain, Estonia, Turkey and Russia, the company now offers cutting-edge solutions for all industrial applications. Moreover, it relies on its sister companies, J Colors SpA and ELCROM Srl, to produce specific types of product.

Arsonsisi’s mission is to supply industry with global solutions related to the whole cycle of coatings for any product, using a system of specific integrated cycles designed to guarantee quality in terms of aesthetic appeal and colours, without sacrificing excellent performance throughout the entire sector.

This path of growth is backed by a huge amount of research, the use of state-of-the-art technologies, the joint commitment of people with complementary experiences and innovative ideas, and, of course, ambition, versatility and customer satisfaction.

1933 - Leaflet of arsonia paint for teatro alla scala Milan.
1933 – ARSON-SISI. Leaflet of “ARSONIA” paint for Teatro alla Scala (Milan).
1941 - ARSON-SISI aircraft paints advertising
1941 – ARSON-SISI Industrie Riunite Vernici Smalti. Aircraft paints advertising.

1937 ARSONIA paint flyer.
1937 ARSON-SISI Industrie Riunite Vernici Smalti. “ARSONIA”paint flyer.