Arsonsisi celebrates its first 100 years!

The company is rather like a family, and every family comes together to celebrate special occasions and birthdays, especially when they are important ones.

Arsonsisi celebrates 100 yearsBearing this in mind, on 16th December, the employees of the Arsonsisi offices in Lainate, Berlingo, Padua, Verbania and Udine gathered together to celebrate an important anniversary: the 100th anniversary of Arsonsisi.

During the welcome speech at the company lunch, Dr. James Junghanns, Arsonsisi Business Unit Manager, invited guests to imagine how the world might have been a century ago and how it has changed over the years, encouraging them to reflect on the meaning of 100 years in business.

They were taken on a journey back to the past, accompanied by some of Arsonsisi’s historical documents on display for the occasion, which reveal a sometimes glorious past, from the production of wall paints for the La Scala theatre in Milan in 1933 to the production of coatings for aircraft, as the official supplier of the Regia Aeronautica (the Italian Military Air Force) during the Second World War.

The occasion was also an opportunity to look ahead to the future, which looks brighter and will bring the results of the hard work done in recent years.

arsonsisiDr. James Junghanns concluded his speech by thanking all employees for their contribution to making the company what it has become today: a dynamic and much envied company, despite its 100 years in business.

Arsonsisi’s anniversary was made even more special due to the special date, which is officially on 24 December.

The company lunch, in addition to celebrating 100 years in business with a cake and candles, was an opportunity for those attending to exchange Christmas greetings and make a toast together to the New Year.