Commercial meeting on powder coatings in Italy

Arsonsisi salesforce for the Italian powder coating market met to discuss the development plan and the strategies to implement to exploit every opportunity on the territory.

2017 was a year of growth for the Italian powder coating market. Arsonsisi recorded an important increase in volume of 20% and the forecast for 2018 is an even greater one.

Dr. James Junghanns, Arsonsisi Business Unit Manager, congratulated the participants for the results obtained in 2017 thanks to the quality of the products and services offered.

Behind all this, there are always people that make the difference with their experience and professionalism.

We are a unified team aimed at reaching our goals. We have a specialized laboratory capable of offering solutions and products for all types of markets.
We adopt an approach that involves our customers that become real partners with which to share a path. These are only some of our strong points. – Cristoforo Brendas, Business Manager for powder coatings – Italy, explained.

cristoforo brendas
Cristoforo Brendas, Business Manager for powder coatings – Italy.

The regions of northern Italy are constantly those where Arsonsisi has a greater presence, followed by Emilia Romagna; while in the rest of Italy, in particular in the South, the widening of the commercial network is continuing.

New forces are entering the field in 2018. New agents, sales managers and technical service staff will reinforce the powder coating team in order to achieve the ambitious goals set, despite the announcement of the inevitable price increase determined by the rising costs of raw materials.

The meeting concluded with the preview of the new Arsonsisi e-commerce portal, developed to improve the user experience and speed up the acquisition and management of orders, presented with new graphics.

Ours is an evolving market and we have always been forerunners and promoters of innovations, strategies, solutions and services tailored to each company. We are convinced we are up to date with the requests of the current market, our new objective today is to lead customers to fully exploit the potential offered by the web that will allow us to keep pace with the future. – Stated Cristoforo Brendas.

presentazione nuovo ecommerce arsonsisi
Bruno Cordioli from Overweb, Cristoforo Brendas and Luca Troiani from Arsonsisi.