Arsonsisi new SK range of silicone-compatible powder coatings

Arsonsisi has developed SK, the new range of coatings specifically designed to ensure better and longer lasting adhesion of materials applied over them.

For objects that require bonding of different materials, such as metals, plastic or glass, a problem often arises regarding the adhesion of sealants on powder-coated surfaces.

silicone-compatible powder coatings for architecure design and technical lighting sectors

In the case of polyurethane and silicone sealants, glues, inks or other coating products, the problem of bonding or overcoating exists in varying degrees and is not always easy to solve.

This is because the coating also needs to guarantee other indispensable functional and aesthetic properties of the surface, particularly in the design and architecture, household appliance and technical lighting sectors.

arsonsisi sk silicone compatible powder coatings

To meet this need, Arsonsisi has developed a range of powder coatings recognised by the abbreviation SK in the product description. In these coatings, the balance of many components has been carefully evaluated to ensure long-lasting adhesion and the utmost versatility of the aforesaid materials.

The formulas of the SK range of silicone-compatible powder coatings are available on request for all chemical materials (epoxy, epoxy-polyester, polyester and polyurethane) and in a wide range of colours, glossy finishes and surface textures, with some limitations for particularly wrinkled or very low gloss finishes.

Nevertheless, since countless interactions may take place between the coating film and the materials to be applied over it, we always recommend requesting a sample for the user to test concerning the specific final application.

The Arsonsisi technical services department is available for any developments and for finding the best combination for the chosen coating and the specific materials with which it is to be bonded.