Cathodic coatings

In terms of performance, coatings applied by cathodic electrodeposition are equal comparable to those obtained using a two-coat cycle. The resulting film is extremely resistant to corrosion and can be recoated with solvent- and water-based coatings, as well as powder coatings.

As a supplier of coatings, Arsonsisi can provide special clearcoats, cathodic base coats that can be recoated with powders, gloss coloured enamels, as well as semi-gloss top coats, which can be applied to aluminium, brass and silver, with nickel-plated effects and special effects.

These coatings can also be applied to iron and zinc phosphates (chromate conversion coating is recommended for light alloys). In this field, Arsonsisi’s latest innovation is research into gloss enamels, which can be coated with a single high-penetration cathodic top coat.

Arsonsisi produces clear, gold and black cathodic coatings. These coatings differ according to the polymerization temperatures required of 120°C, 135°C or 160°C.

All our cathodic products are formulated with resins of our devising, giving us a considerable advantage in terms of formulas and providing excellent results for objects treated with Arsonsisi’s products.