Coatings for Cubic and Dip Print

Arsonsisi produces base coatings and protective coatings for cubic printing, dip printing and other types of transfer, which can be solvent- or water-based. These coatings are ideal for the technologies used in a variety of decorative processes for materials available on the market:

  • heat transfer of ink onto a flat glass plate
  • 3-D transfer of ink by sublimation
  • 3-D decorative processes for materials

Thanks to base coatings, ink can adhere well to materials, whereas protective coatings provide chemical and physical resistance for the protected object.

These coatings can be applied to decorate and customise objects made of any type of material: ski boot accessories, snowboard bindings, eyewear frames, ski goggles, heating system accessories, toilet seat covers, steel rifle cabinets, light switch covers, decorative vases, door and lift profiles, handles and accessories for door and window frames, aluminium plates, crash helmets and mobile phone covers.