Coatings for high vacuum metallization

Arsonsisi is a major Italian producer of base and top coatings for the high vacuum metallization process, specifically designed to protect objects.

Our solvent-based products are all classified as non-toxic. Applied by spraying, they stand out for being user-friendly and are characterised by short baking times, excellent adhesion and chemical and physical resistance.

Base coatings for metallization provide a surface for the adhesion of the layer of metallized film deposited by the high vacuum process. Such base coatings ensure excellent adhesion even to the most difficult materials, for example, PP and nylon, and to a variety of materials such as: PS, ABS, metals, glass, urea, PC, PMMA, SAN and aluminium.

Top coatings for metallization guarantee excellent chemical and physical resistance for the protective layer, especially against oxidation, abrasion, alcohol, perfumes, acetone and petrol.

Idrotecno water-based products can be used to replace equivalent solvent-based products, thus ensuring the same chemical and physical features for the coatings and the same drying times.

Arsonsisi also produces UV curing coatings for the metallization process, which require very short setting times and offer excellent chemical and physical performance for the coating film.