Coatings for glass

Arsonsisi is a producer of traditional solvent-based coatings and environmentally friendly water-based coatings for glass. They are ideal as partial or total coatings for a variety of surfaces such as household appliances, accessories and artistic objects.

They can be used in a wide variety of applications:

  • glass with blended and pearl effects
  • glass sheets
  • various types of mugs and furnishings
  • all shapes of vases and containers
  • cups
  • glasses and bottles
  • flasks
  • lampshades and lamps
  • other crafted objects
  • glass with silky enamels in lighter colours, with an attractive soft touch surface

Arsonsisi’s glass coatings are considered prestigious organic coatings that have the excellent features of resistance, adhesion and durability.

These coatings are also ideal for meeting special requirements when various coloured surfaces are required, since coloured glass is highly resistant and cost-effective to produce.