Special glues

Cementing agents for nails

Arsonsisi produces cementing agents, in a wide range of colours, for nails.

When used, these coatings lubricate nails and prevent them from coming out when they have penetrated materials.

Cementcoat is the solvent-based line of coatings, whereas Idrocementcoat is the water-based line.

Glues for metallic staples and wire bands

Arsonsisi produces various types of rubber and glues for metallic staples and metallic wire bands under the Tecnoglue brand, as follows:

  • clear or coloured glues for metallic bands
  • anchoring elastomer types of rubber
  • clear glues for single wires
  • clear flexible agents

These products can be used with any type of staple (thickness < 1-1.8 mm). Perfect for bonding galvanized, copper-plated and bronze-plated wires, they are also widely used in tailoring and for upholstery.

The main features of glues include their excellent bonding strength, extreme elasticity and optimum drying speed.

Arsonsisi can also supply elastomers, based on thermoplastic resins, which can be added to some glues to obtain improved elasticity.