To make an order with Arsonsisi a few clicks are enough!

Arsonsisi launches its e-commerce portal for the purchase in Italy of powder coatings through the website.

Arsonsisi enters the e-commerce with a new online purchasing service reserved for a selection of industrial coatings and born to respond to the request for greater flexibility and autonomy in the management of orders by national subcontractors.

The Arsonsisi portal is a practical, quick, simple, safe purchasing system that is easily accessible also through mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

A dedicated page – Ecommerce – in the website gives access to the e-commerce area where you can order all kinds of powder coatings (epoxy, epoxy-polyester, polyester and polyurethane) from the online catalogue and available from stock: more than 500 RAL colours with over 50 special effects for about 450 tons of products in stock.

With just a few clicks a customer goes from checking the stock to finalising the order and creating his/her own purchasing proposal. Then he/she will receive an order confirmation via email which summarizes all the order details.

Navigation is simple and intuitive. The user checks the features of the products he/she is interested in from the downloadable data sheets, checks the paint, its structure and shine, colour and shade, the current availability of the products in stock and chooses the production lot number, quantity and delivery times.

Always through the portal, a customer can constantly monitor the progress of an order, customize the purchase by storing the items he/she deems most important and strategic or most frequently used, so that they can be recalled and ordered more easily. Customers can also check the order history.

“The new online purchasing system falls within Arsonsisi’s strategy of commercial development in Italy, in line with market evolution. This tool allows us to meet the subcontractors’ requirements for simplified and quicker order processing and improved supplier’s relationship” – explains Ivan Fornari, Industrial Coatings Sales Director for Arsonsisi Technological Coatings.

”The e-commerce portal shall surely contribute to enhance and speed up Arsonsisi’s service. Always vital is the personal and direct contact with customers based on reliability and trust, as well as the professionalism of the local sales network and technical service that act like a bridge between the company and its customers.” – adds Cristoforo Brendas, Sales Manager Italy for Arsonsisi Powder Paint division.