Unbeatable protection and resistance with the QUALICOAT Class 2 certified “J Superdurable” series polyester coatings

A line of high-quality powder architectural coatings with excellent outdoor resistance properties, where high gloss and long-lasting colour are teamed with excellent functional properties to deliver the highest levels of protection and unrivalled aesthetic results.

Arsonsisi Superdurable polyester
In the market revolving around the world of architecture, guaranteed resistance properties and evermore ambitious performance are more and more in demand to keep painted surfaces in extreme environments looking as good as they did on day one, especially in places exposed to strong sunlight and high levels of humidity.

With its continuous research and technical innovation, Arsonsisi has successfully developed a range of powder coatings for architectural metalwork for exterior use designed to withstand high temperatures with intense UV radiation levels and retain their gloss and colour even after 3 years of exposure in Florida, as required by the selective QUALICOAT Class 2 certification tests.

These specifications, in addition to a number of other chemical and physical qualities, mean the “J Superdurable” industrial polyester coatings help protect painted items from the elements and keep the film, appearance and required colour properties as-new for much longer than the conventional polyester coatings that have already flooded the market.

“J Superdurable” powder coatings come in standard colours or can be made to order in special colours, ranging from pastels to metallic effects and in bonderized versions, to cater to all the creative and functional demands of the latest architectural design trends.

The “J Superdurable” series from Arsonsisi colours tomorrow’s wonders of architecture.