A healthier, protected environment with IONatura bacteriostatic coatings

Arsonsisi has expanded its range of powder coatings with the IONatura line, based on advanced technology using the antiseptic properties of silver to counter the growth of bacteria and obtain perfectly disinfected surfaces.

There is a certain degree of bacterial contamination wherever we live and all around us, and we cannot always remove it through normal hygiene practices or disinfectants.

The market’s growing attention to new forms of protection has prompted Arsonsisi to seek the best technological solution for finding an antiseptic coating that would consistently prevent bacterial proliferation and inhibit the growth of microorganisms by limiting their transmission.

Powder coatings immediately proved the most suitable solution because of the total absence of water, a common source of bacteria. IONatura coatings are safe in every phase of the process, ethical because of their low environmental impact, and useful for protecting a wide range of products.

IONatura antiseptic coatings can be applied with corona or tribo-electric electrostatic systems and are available in all colours, gloss levels and types of finishes to suit customers’ aesthetic and functional needs. 

Effectiveness and certifications

IONatura paints provide active protection against bacteria, viruses, moulds, algae and fungi through excellent quality coatings featuring advanced technology. Their formulations contain innovative antimicrobial or bacteriostatic substances which use the broad-spectrum antibacterial properties of silver ions encapsulated in inert microparticles.

The natural moisture of any painted surface causes a slow and steady release of Ag + silver ions, which keep the area disinfected. The antiseptic action of IONatura products remains unchanged for a long time and is not affected by normal cleaning operations.

The tests carried out at certified biology laboratories, according to the method described in Japanese Industrial Standard JIS Z 2801:2000, proved the highly effective antimicrobial action of IONatura coatings on surfaces attacked by a colony of common bacteria. The microorganisms were counted at the beginning of the test and then recounted after 24 hours.

bacteriostatic coatings for playgroundThese tests have demonstrated the coating’s ability to reduce the concentration of bacteria by 99.9%, while preserving all chemical, mechanical and physical properties, equivalent to a standard powder coating.

IONatura technology is also applicable to exterior systems without compromising the paint’s corrosion resistance and durability properties or the overall performance of the coating. 

Areas of application

Microbes are found everywhere and on all types of surfaces, but they have an enemy: Ag + silver ions. The use of antiseptic coatings is therefore recommended in multiple product categories.

There are more critical areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and hospitals, which are likely to become more easily infected and infectious, but the list of should be extended to all places with water sources, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Basically, all busy and crowded places, where the presence and transmission of microorganisms that can cause potential harm to humans or food is more likely: public areas – medical and health facilities, clinics, medical practices, hospices and nursing homes – schools – recreational and sports facilities – means of transport – hotel facilities – food industry – etc.
A few examples: