Arsonsisi gets ready for EXPO 2015, one of Italy’s landmarks for Environmental Sustainability and Innovation

ANTHERM thermosetting powder coatings and IONatura bacteriostatic coatings earned a spot on the selective SiExpo 2015 catalogue as eco-friendly, innovative products, made ​​available in the context of the world event EXPO2015.

Sustainability and Innovation for Expo 2015” is a non-profit consortium, established with the aim to develop, manage and maintain an interactive database, in the form of an online catalogue, for the promotion and qualification of innovative and sustainable materials and solutions.

The SiExpo 2015 catalogue has been designed to select and promote products for the construction industry, public and private furniture, packaging and display stand accessories, which revolve around EXPO 2015, the Universal Exposition with the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, to be held in Milan from 1 May to 31 October 2015”.

The SiExpo 2015 catalogue is restricted to materials and products with specific characteristics in terms of environmental sustainability and innovation, including Arsonsisi’s powder coatings ANTHERM decorative thermosetting and IONatura bacteriostatic coatings.