Arsonsisi President Carlo Junghanns joins the new Board of CEPE (Conseil européen de l’industrie des peintures, des encres d’imprimerie et des couleurs d’art)

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During the CEPE General Assembly held in Prague on September 27, 2013, the Board of Directors was partly renovated. Arsonsisi Chairman Junghanns joined the Board by unanimous vote.

CEPE is a European association of primary importance in the field of coatings, paints and inks. With its member companies, it represents about 85% of the industry with € 17 billion in sales and a total of 120,000 employees.
Arsonsisi is registered with CEPE through the Assovernici association, established in 2010 to represent the Italian coatings industry at a national and international level. The founding members of Assovernici include Mr. Carlo Junghanns.

We congratulate Mr. Junghanns on his new position, aware of his decisive contribution to the growth and development of the Italian industry and knowing that he will effectively represent us in the European context – Assovernici.

Carlo Junghanns, Presidente di Arsonsisi,  nuovo membro del Consiglio Direttivo del CEPE.
Carlo Junghanns, President of Arsonsisi, new member of the CEPE Board..