Arsonsisi Technological Coatings proves to be a leader in the field of industrial coatings for heating systems

The development of high-quality and more environmentally friendly electrodeposition products completes Arsonsisi’s most advanced response to market demands in the field of heating and cooling systems. 


Through the multiple application technologies at its disposal, the Arsonsisi brand is strategically positioned and well-known in the field of industrial coatings for heating systems.

A full range of paint products, from powder coatings for anodic and cathodic electrodeposition, to water-soluble liquid paints for dip coating, makes the Arsonsisi Group one of the leading suppliers in the industry.

Arsonsisi gained significant market share in Europe in the segment of die cast aluminium radiators, amounting to about 85%; as for steel plate radiators, steel tubular radiators – towel warmers, and iron casting radiators, the company prides itself with a strong presence among the major groups of European manufacturers of heating systems, including Eastern countries and Turkey.

In recent years, the expansion of the sales network and Arsonsisi’s incessant research and development of products for electroplating have prompted the company to find new eco-friendly, solutions to meet the diverse and demanding needs of the market while promoting sustainable technological development.

Due to the continuous technical improvements of E-coat paints, as well as the considerable benefits for partners in terms of performance, technology, cost savings and ecology, Arsonsisi Technological Coatings is now a national and international leader in the heating industry, especially in Europe, Turkey, China and Iran.

In addition to high-quality and eco-friendly paints, Arsonsisi offers its knowledge and experience through a qualified technical service and a highly professional and dynamic research and development laboratory for the creation of tailored solutions, presenting itself as the best choice for the success of its partners.

Arsonsisi electrodeposition coatings for heating systems.

Steel tubolar radiators with anodic electrodeposition paints by Arsonsisi
Steel tubolar radiators – anodic electrodeposition paints.

The ARSONKOTE® electrodeposition (ED) range features excellent performance combined with considerable physical and chemical resistance, as well as significant cost savings and simplified management.

In particular, it provides benefits in terms of remarkable application performance, excellent protection against corrosion, uniform film thickness, high penetration, a considerable degree of process automation and respect for the environment.

Two distinct types of processes – CED (cathodic) and AED (anodic) – can be used as high penetration primers or as a finish coat with paints that have been specially designed for the heating industry in accordance with RoHS and REACH standards and the most stringent ecological and safety requirements.

Cataphoresis is better used for priming steel plate radiators, while anaphoresis is recommended for die cast aluminium radiators and steel towel warmers.

Anaphoresis or cataphoresis primer painting cycles, followed by Arsonsisi’s epoxy polyester powder top coats, complete, satisfy and fully respond to all technical requests by the largest companies in the industry in terms of chemical and physical resistance.

Die cast aluminium radiators - coatings for anodic electrodeposition by Arsonsisi
Die-cast aluminium radiators – anodic electrodeposition paints.
Steel plate radiators with anodic electrodeposition paints by Arsonsisi
Steel plate radiators – anodic electrodeposition paints.