ANTHERM, the “colourful” technical solution for reflecting infrared light in surface treatments

Arsonsisi has developed the ANTHERM range of powder coatings, a new generation of coloured infrared reflective coatings which enhance thermal insulation performances, cut energy costs and improve comfort.

The sun is synonymous with light, energy, warmth, and is a vital resource, but its radiation can affect our quality of life. About 50% of solar energy is absorbed by the Earth’s surface.

Infrared rays are responsible for warming the areas exposed to this invisible light, but coatings and colours can mitigate its adverse effects.

Each colour reflects heat in a different way. Dark and saturated colours tend to absorb more radiation than lighter colours and, as a result, they significantly contributes to heating up irradiated surfaces. The use of white colours may seem like the most obvious solution to reduce temperatures and costs, but they can severely limit creativity, especially in the field of architecture.

When we talk about solar reflectance, the major reference factor is total solar reflectance (TSR) value, that is the percentage amount of solar energy reflected from a given surface.

For example, the standard version of a colour similar to RAL 9005 black has a known TSR value of about 4%, while a pigment similar to RAL 9010 white has a total solar reflectance of 80%. In Arsonsisi’s ANTHERM version, the total solar reflectance of black increases to 28.5%.

ANTHERM coloured paints are UV and weather resistant, they protect against infrared light, they significantly increase TSR value by up to 30% in dark colours, they reduce the transfer of heat to metal by 30% and contribute to sustainable development, as lower heat absorption means less energy costs for air conditioning systems, less polluting emissions and a lower impact on global warming.

antherm arsonsisiANTHERM polyester coatings are Qualicoat and GSB certified, they are easy to apply like any other powder coating and can be widely used in the fields of architecture and construction, as lower surface temperatures help reduce the energy required for cooling down the interior of buildings.

They are highly suitable for coating roofs, cladding panels, outdoor furniture, doors and windows and aluminium shutters.

As well as affecting the insulating performance of doors and windows, excessive heating of surfaces can accelerate the aging of films. The application of Arsonsisi’s new powder coatings also acts on this process and helps extend the useful life of the outer coating.

The innovative technology of the ANTHERM range adds value to coating products. Reducing the temperature differences inside the object relieves the mechanical stress on the metal and consequently improves colour stability, gloss and the mechanical properties of the film.

With their excellent properties, in addition to architecture and construction, these new polyester coatings are highly versatile and can be easily applied to other areas, where a reduction of heat can be helpful. In the transport sector, for example, they are suitable for coating vehicles used to transport livestock and agricultural machinery.

ANTHERM infrared reflective thermal insulation coatings are already available in RAL colours with dark shades of red, blue, green, gray, brown and black, and all types of finishes, whether bright, opaque, smooth or wrinkled.
New variants are being developed and will soon enrich the range to meet the most creative needs of the market.

ANTHERM Infrared reflective coatings
RAL 5013 cobalt blue. The TSR of its standard version is 7%, while in the ANTHERM version it increases up to 34% with a temperature reduction of about 20%.
ANTHERM Infrared reflective coatings
RAL 8017 chocolate brown. The TSR of its standard version is 6.5%, while in the ANTHERM version it increases up to 30.5% with a temperature reduction of about 20%.