Arsonsisi gets the Certificate for Excellence in Material Development by Material ConneXion®

ANTHERM decorative thermosetting powder coatings and IONatura bacteriostatic coatings passed the scrutiny of a multidisciplinary panel of international experts to join the prestigious Materials Library, the world’s largest archive of innovative and sustainable materials and production processes.

The Materials Library is both a physical and online archive which houses over 7.000 innovative materials and production processes from around the world, divided into eight different categories: Polymers – Ceramics – Glass – Metals – Cement-based materials – Natural Materials and Natural Material Derivatives – Carbon-based materials – Production Processes.

The Library is expanded with 50 new materials and technologies every month, selected from the most interesting new products in terms of innovation, technical features and production capacity.

The archive is available to members and is an important resource for manufacturers of materials and potential users from any field related to the development of innovative design.

Architecture – Interior Design – Packaging Design – Retail Design – Industrial Design – Fashion, Apparel & Footwear – Exhibition Design – Textile Design – Landscape Architecture – Trasportation Design are the areas that better represent the continuing evolution of innovative products and their possible applications in the world of design.

The tables displaying panels painted with ANTHERM and IONatura products by Arsonsisi can be found at the international offices in New York, Bangkok, Beijing, Cologne, Daegu, Istanbul, Milan, Seoul and Shanghai of Material ConneXion®, the largest centre for research and consultancy on innovative and sustainable materials and production processes.



ANTHERM and IONatura

excellence within innovation and environmental sustainability