New epoxy polyester semi-fast powder coating line

Arsonsisi implements its streamlining of the epoxy polyester range stocked and introduces the “E” series.

The new line of semi-fast epoxy polyester powder coatings, cooking for 15’ at 170°C, maintains the general characteristics of quality, colour, appearance and yield of the standard products, but is developed to offer improved functionality and considerable benefits from the point of view of energy efficiency.

Similarly to all Arsonsisi products, the content of fine particles is 4% on average, below the percentage present on the market. Consequently, there is less waste during the application and it is possible to coat a wider surface, improving penetration in the so-called “Faraday cage”.

The new semi-fast epoxy polyesters are used with both Tribo and Corona applications and are available from stock in the numerous shades of the wide RAL and special ranges.

The epoxy polyester powder coatings with “K” and “H” codes currently in the catalogue will gradually be replaced by the new “E” series. The old formulas will anyway remain active and can be ordered on request.

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