How to save money with powder coatings

Arsonsisi took part in the “2015 Saving – Saving on coating is still possible” conference held on October 30 in Modena at the Real Fini Baia del Re Hotel.

The event, organized by Anver (Associazione Nazionale delle aziende di Verniciatura conto terzi e in proprio) highlighted once more the theme of saving in industrial coating costs.

Market requirements are increasingly rigorous when functional characteristics, appearance and quality of industrial coatings are concerned. At the same time, efficient and environmentally sustainable production processes are sought for.

Meeting these requirements is possible only if the coating cycles are constantly optimized and if they involve the use of paints that meet these expectations.

The conference saw the participation of representatives of major companies in the field for the supply of coatings, equipment and systems. Those companies gathered to try and answer the current need to considerably reduce costs without any loss of quality.

Savings on industrial coating can still be achieved in areas related to pre-treatment cycle, the unit cost of powder coatings, application of liquid paints and ovens.

As to powder coatings, Arsonsisi shared its skill with concrete examples of possible savings thanks to the introduction of two technological solutions: Selac® HP/BS high penetration and low thickness (30-40 μm) and Selac® XFC Extra Fast Curing Powder low cooking temperature (20’ to 150°C instead of the traditional 180°C).

Less paint to reduce costs

The Selac® HP/BS High Penetration for Low Thicknesses series includes powder coatings with particles of smaller dimensions than the conventional ones (even less than 30 μm as against the approximate 40 μm of standard products) and particularly suitable for medium-low thickness applications.

Thanks to the complete classification during grinding that reduces the unwanted fine powder particles to a minimum, to the high penetration in the “Faraday cages” and to an excellent and constant fluidity, maximum application evenness and very high covering power are achieved even in the presence of reduced thicknesses.

Apart from ensuring constant quality, the optimization of the whole production process makes it possible to have higher yield through lowering powder delivery in the booth, lowering recirculation and waste.

These factors – combined with reduced cleaning times and low wear and tear of guns, nozzles, hoses, Venturi devices and pumps – translate into 15-20% final saving with the medium-low thickness products and 25-30% with the low thickness powders.

Less energy to save money

Thermosetting powder related to Selac® XFC Extra Fast Curing Powder consists of fast products that, curing at 150°C for 20°C, allow achieving important results to reduce the impact of variable costs in the painting process.

In the low-temperature powder curing phases in hot-air ovens, the containment of energy consumption can lead to a 25% energy saving in comparison with standard reactivity powder.

Arsonsisi’s portfolio also includes the Y61 XFC series polyester products, characterized by high reactivity, for which curing for 15’ at 160°C or 10’ at 170°C is recommended. Aesthetic quality and outdoor durability comply with approved class 1 cat. 1 Qualicoat products.

In the same perspective of passing energy benefits onto customers, the new semi-fast epoxypolyester E series, that allows baking at 170°C for 15’, has been recently developed. The products are applicable with both Tribo and Corona techniques and are in stock in a variety of colours, both RAL and special.

In addition to direct financial benefits, an increase in hourly productivity of the painting systems, an increased competitiveness in the 2-coat cycles, an extension of the equipment useful life and the possibility of using systems with reduced dimensions, the use of these coating products means improved production efficiency.