New vigour in Arsonsisi powder coating market in Italy!

The Italian sales force meets to analyse the progress of the last year and look to the future through new strategies and objectives for industrial powder coatings. Focus: quality and service, e-commerce and sales.

Arsonsisi has been one of the first companies to believe and invest in the industry of powder coating in Italy, but its main market is still the export.

Cristoforo Brendas, Italy Powder Paint Sales Manager
Cristoforo Brendas, Italy Powder Coatings Sales Manager

We must publicize our projects to develop and consolidate new sales and strengthen our position in Italy in order to be more competitive”. Explains Cristoforo Brendas, Italy Sales Manager.

“Our mission is to grow quickly, reacquire customers and confirm our presence on the industrial coating market as an important player.”

The meeting was held with this spirit; product and service quality improvements were highlighted: the complete range of powder paints developed with different and innovative technologies as strong point; a sales growth program for the next three years; a price review policy that affects also the Arsonsisi e-commerce portal, and new marketing initiatives to support the sales force.

During the last 9 months, Arsonsisi started reviewing the whole powder coating production process, paying particular attention to quality control.

The company analysed the various production processes for order fulfilment in order to optimize the individual stages, starting from the management of incoming raw materials down to the shipping of the finished product, perfecting also delivery punctuality. Arsonsisi has also wanted to fine-tune maintenance procedures, in order to enhance production efficiency with systems operating all the time, dedicated to the various types of product, and has reorganized the department dedicated to quality control to offer customers the best possible product quality.

Ivan Fornari, Arsonsisi Technological Coatings Sales Director
Ivan Fornari, Arsonsisi Technological Coatings Sales Director

“Today, Arsonsisi’s powder paint quality is certainly high and we have a wide choice of coating products with a technology higher than the average.” Explains Ivan Fornari, Arsonsisi Technological Coatings Sales Director.

“But products and range are no longer enough, service is needed because customers deem it just as important. Arsonsisi can offer a 360° service that includes delivery within 24h, possibility of buying also online using the e-commerce portal, constant and efficient technical service and a national presence with our sales force.”

There are new projects for increasingly more performing and sustainable paints, capable of meeting customers’ particular requirements, such as the new semi-rapid epoxy-polyesters line cooking for 15’ at 170°, with code “E”, offering customers significant benefits from an energy efficiency point of view.

News also for Arsonsisi’s e-commerce. To make the service even more cost-effective and attract the most reluctant customers to use new technologies, from June 1st, 2015, online prices have been reviewed and a “prize” discount program has been introduced, so that there are further reductions according to the quantities purchased.

officina del colore

This year the usual General Line sales meeting was held at the historical Arsonsisi powder coating plant in Milan.

Today the building is the headquarters of OFFICINA DEL COLORE, the educational-creative pole of the Junionfin group, where training courses are held for both customers and agents working in the worlds of industrial paints for the building and decoration sectors. Always in these premises, new projects are developed with regard to the trends of the fashion and colour worlds, and the heart of technical support is based here.

OFFICINA DEL COLORE is in via Condino No. 15 in Milan, very close to the town centre.

Since 2009, Arsonsisi has produced the powder paints in the Verbania Fondotoce (VB) plant.

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