Real-time supply of powder coatings improves production efficiency

Arsonsisi’s e-commerce allows companies to manage orders with greater flexibility and autonomy.

Arsonsisi set up an online purchase service one year ago to meet the request of Italian contractors to simplify and speed up order management processes, thus allowing customers to order a wide selection of industrial coatings directly from their website.

Arsonsisi’s e-commerce is quick, convenient, cost effective, easy to use and access via mobile devices, and always completely secure.

One of the first to use it was third-party painting company Gherardi S.n.c., which managed to successfully combine its highly efficient manufacturing process with Arsonsisi’s modern, reliable supply system.

“With this tool, we can quickly respond to our customers’ requests, immediately schedule production and constantly monitor supplies” – said Gian Luca Saracchi, owner of Gherardi S.n.c. – “Being able to check the availability of colours in real-time with just a click is like having a projection of Arsonsisi’s stock at our own company and allows us to work just in time. Even the billing system is very simple, and it has further streamlined order management operations. In addition, this service incorporates a good discounting system: depending on how much we buy over a period of four months, the system calculates a certain discount that turns into a credit note”.

A painting booth at Gherardi S.n.c

Based in Reggio Emilia, Gherardi S.n.c. has over 25 years of experience in the use of thermosetting powders for coating all types of metals and alloys, including in large production systems.

The company’s customers, most of which work in the field of agriculture and furniture, mainly ask for the coating of mechanical components and furnishings.

To improve production efficiency, the company takes care of each step of the production cycle right after receiving the goods, from the application of powder coatings through to quality controls and packaging.

In 2007, the company set up a very versatile production process, which offers the ability to change colour quickly without risking to spoil the coatings.

In addition to adopting efficient systems, Gherardi S.n.c. uses high quality powder coatings of various types, depending on the specifications required by customers, such as polyester, epoxy-polyester and epoxy, which are only supplied by certified companies (ISO 9001 – ISO 14001) such as Arsonsisi.