Arsonsisi’s new special liquid coatings

A range of industrial coatings with high technological content to coat metals, light alloys, different plastics and glass.

coatings for eyeglasses

After the recent acquisition of the Tecnocolor business, Arsonsisi introduces a new series of water-based, traditional solvent coatings, single and two component, air and oven, spray and UV-ray curing primers and enamels.

In particular, these are coatings for plastic and metal glasses and for ski/motocross masks – base and top coatings for high vacuum metallisation, PVD and Sputtering processes – UV-ray curing coatings – protective clearcoats for brass, light alloys and silver – peelable coatings – for glass – for PP – special adhesives such as fastener glues for metallic staple bands, solvent and water-based cementing agents for nails.

coatings for glass

These are high quality special liquid coatings aimed at modern applications, such as UV-ray curing, innovative materials and supports difficult to coat, such as polyethylene, polypropylene or glass. We are talking of innovative technologies, cutting-edge as far as high vacuum metallisation, PVD/Sputtering and UV-ray curing coatings are concerned, where the market is constantly growing and Arsonsisi can say it’s already there
– says dr. Stefano Lazzerini, Arsonsisi’s Business Manager –
It’s true these technologies have high setting-up costs, but they allow working very quickly and with few people, with excellent quality finishes and high performance in a short time and with low costs, obviously once the setting-up costs have been amortized.

Coatings for PVD and Sputtering

Arsonsisi production is increasingly more directed towards maximum environmental protection and the know-how acquired from Tecnocolor will play an important role in consolidating Arsonsisi products on the special coating market, especially in view of 2017, when hexavalent chromium will be finally banished to comply with the RoHS and ELV directives and chrome plating will have to pay very high costs to achieve compliance.

On the other hand, Sputtering and PVD use non-polluting “zero valent” metal chrome that allows offering the market the same finishes without the problem hexavalent chromium (Cr6+) poses.

Arsonsisi’s new special coatings are used in various sectors:

• car accessories (dashboards, door interiors, gear levers, headlights, bumpers, etc.)
• earth moving equipment
• domestic appliances, household goods, TVs, Hi-Fis and PCs
• plastic (acetate, TR90, etc.) and metal (zamak, etc.) glasses
• furnishing accessories
• bathroom accessories and fixtures
• door and window accessories
• garden furniture (tables, chairs, plastic pots, etc.)
• door and window accessories
• electricity and lighting
• sports items and accessories (fishing rods, helmets, ski poles, etc.)
• cosmetics (various plastic and glass packaging)
• toys, gift items, decorative products and costume jewellery (fashion house logos, etc.)

“Thanks to the know-how and technology acquired in the past by Tecnocolor, nowadays Arsonsisi can offer a complete package of products to meet customers’ requests fully, paying particular attention to the customisation of the solutions offered also for the most sophisticated sectors” – emphasises Ivan Fornari, Arsonsisi Technological Company’s Sales Director.

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