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specialty coatings

Arsonsisi’s new special liquid coatings

A range of industrial coatings with high technological content to coat metals, light alloys, different plastics and glass. After the recent acquisition of the Tecnocolor business, Arsonsisi introduces a new series of water-based, traditional solvent coatings, single and two component, air and oven, spray and UV-ray curing primers and enamels. In particular, these are coatings

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The design of household appliances in the 21st century

Arsonsisi sponsors the conference dedicated to innovation, trends, new materials and performance for finishing and protecting household appliances and their components – Thursday, March 12, 2015 at IED – Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan. Design and appearance are now two of the main aspects people consider when choosing their household appliances, now a key element

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Arsonsisi strengthens its vocation as a strategic supplier for industrial coatings

Business acquisition of Tecnocolor Industria Vernici e Smalti S.r.l. completed.   The Junionfin group, consisting of of important industrial companies which operate in the production and commercialisation of paints for the retail and industry segments – including J Colors, Elcrom and Arsonsisi – has recently acquired the business of Tecnocolor Industria Vernici e Smalti S.r.l.

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Arsonsisi liquid coatings are certified to the new ISO/TS 16949 automotive quality standard

After being certified to develop and manufacture powder coatings according to the ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Management System, Arsonsisi obtained this technical specification for industrial liquid paints as well. The automotive industry demands the highest levels of quality, productivity and competitiveness for its products. The ISO/TS 16949: 2009 certification requires compliance with the stringent technical specifications

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Arsonsisi e Francehopital

Arsonsisi and Francehopital: when quality and innovation make the difference

The encounter between two companies that achieved remarkable success by leveraging their tradition and experience, while constantly pursuing quality and innovation. Arsonsisi has always proven particularly attentive to new technologies, applying them to its products, services and strategies. In 1972, it was one of the first companies to invest in powder coatings, understanding the potential

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Superdurable powder coatings

Unbeatable protection and resistance with the QUALICOAT Class 2 certified “J Superdurable” series polyester coatings

A line of high-quality powder architectural coatings with excellent outdoor resistance properties, where high gloss and long-lasting colour are teamed with excellent functional properties to deliver the highest levels of protection and unrivalled aesthetic results. In the market revolving around the world of architecture, guaranteed resistance properties and evermore ambitious performance are more and more

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industrial coatings for heating systems by Arsonsisi

Arsonsisi Technological Coatings proves to be a leader in the field of industrial coatings for heating systems

The development of high-quality and more environmentally friendly electrodeposition products completes Arsonsisi’s most advanced response to market demands in the field of heating and cooling systems.    Through the multiple application technologies at its disposal, the Arsonsisi brand is strategically positioned and well-known in the field of industrial coatings for heating systems. A full range

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Arsonsisi gets ready for EXPO 2015, one of Italy’s landmarks for Environmental Sustainability and Innovation

ANTHERM thermosetting powder coatings and IONatura bacteriostatic coatings earned a spot on the selective SiExpo 2015 catalogue as eco-friendly, innovative products, made ​​available in the context of the world event EXPO2015. “Sustainability and Innovation for Expo 2015” is a non-profit consortium, established with the aim to develop, manage and maintain an interactive database, in the

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antimicrobial powder coatings IONatura

A healthier, protected environment with IONatura bacteriostatic coatings

Arsonsisi has expanded its range of powder coatings with the IONatura line, based on advanced technology using the antiseptic properties of silver to counter the growth of bacteria and obtain perfectly disinfected surfaces. There is a certain degree of bacterial contamination wherever we live and all around us, and we cannot always remove it through

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Selac HP/BS powder coatings – High Penetration and Low Thickness – technology and innovation for the market to reduce costs

Arsonsisi participated in the conference “Polveri  2013”, organised by Anver (Italian National Association of Industrial Coaters) and held at its headquarters in Vimercate on July 10. The main focus: to identify how to reduce the operating costs of pre-treatment and powder coating. Arsonsisi responded with Selac HP/BS powder coatings, featuring high penetration and low thickness.

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